20 oct. 2007

Mes premières boîtes !! ** My first boxes!!

Ca y est ! J'ai terminé mes deux premières boîtes. Nous avons enfin mis le turbo et chacun avance maintenant à son rythme. Nous n'avons plus à attendre que chacun ait terminé une étape avant de passer à la suivante.

Comme promis, voici donc mes créations. Les couvertures extérieures sont identiques, seules les couvertures intérieures sont différentes : une marbrée violette et l'autre marbrée rose.
Je suis assez contente du résultat, même si ce n'est pas parfait, mais bon, ce sont les premières et je suis là pour apprendre ;)


Here I am! I achieved my first boxes today. Our teacher is now showing the next stage each time 2 of us have finished with the current stage. Which means you don't need to wait (for ages) that everyone arrives at the same point.

Here they are, my creations. The outsides are in the same old rose paper, and the insides are in marble paper, one purple and one pink.
I am quite satisfied with the result, even if they're not perfect. But hey! these are the first of a long series and I am here to learn and improve the next ones... ;)

la "violette" / the "purple" one

la "rose" / the "pink" one

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  1. Sabine these are absolutely beautiful!! I love the insides wow!!! I am so glad that you do not have to wait!! That is fabulous! I can't wait to see what you make next!

  2. Oh, I think they look beautiful. Very accurately done, too. I can't wait to see the next ones. And I'm glad the teacher came to her senses and is now moving on quicker. If you wait for the sloweest to get done you are never getting anywhere.

  3. Wow Sabine they are GORGEOUS!!!! If that is your first attempt I'm holding my breath to see your next project!

  4. Et bien, tu t'es bien débrouillée, le résultat est superbe, bravo !

  5. Sabine, they are so beautiful!!! You´re very talented! I would love to see more of your wonderful work in future :)
    Thanks for showing them!!!


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