3 août 2008

21 days to a new habit

I was too busy to jump into the first "21 days to a new habit" that Sally proposed on her blog some times ago, but right now, I am just in the mood to follow my friend Kat who is managing the second round! Starting August 1st.

Hop on her blog to see the details of this personal challenge who is not scrapbook-related.

OK, here is my personal challenge for this round: have some me-time away from the computer. Not that I am not having some me-time everyday, but just wanted to focus on some other things than digital scrapbooking, kwim?

Day # (-1)!!
I started one day earlier with a nice dinner at the Paradis du Fruit with a friend and then we went to the theater and saw this stunning, funny and fabulous musical Panique à bord, which is a kind of parody from the Love Boat. The actors were just perfect, being both comedians, dancers and singers, some complete artists. Right now and for one more week at the Tristan Bernard theater in the 17è arrondissement of Paris but I know it will go on in another theater soon.

Day #1 (Friday)
This was really a good day for starting the challenge since I had a day off. I shared my me-time with my friend Sophie to celebrate her birthday. We tried a new brasserie-café near home and enjoyed the terrasse and some nice dishes. We had coffee and chatting at home.
In the evening I finished the schemas for a new box and pick up some papers from my stock.

Day #2 (Saturday)
Again a day enjoying the lunch in a restaurant near home with one of my neighbours, Gisèle. She's a nice and happy old lady taking care of everyone in the building, a very interesting lady who traveled a lot with her hubby and has always a lot of anecdots to tell.
And for some more me-time away from the computer, I read a scrapbooking book (paper scrap) that gave me plenty of ideas but not only for scrapbooking!

Do not hesitate to jump in the wagon while it starts, this 21 days new habit challenge is very motivating to take time for some special things.

Have a nice day,
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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