14 avr. 2009

NDISB's April Blog Train

Did I tell you something huge was coming?

Yeah, you got it: we, at NDISB, are running a huge Blog Train. Lots of designers and CT members have teamed up to offer you a large kit, some awesome wordarts and quickpages.

You can collect all the parts of this huge collaboration NDISB's April Blog Train by going on every participant's blog and getting the codes to download the different parts in the NDISB's store.

Want to collect the first part of "A Natural Earth" kit?

Here you go with my own contribution:

Grab it here, in the NDISB's store and use this coupon NDISB-BT-SE-w97tu to get if for free!
** hint: get a coupon to my store in my download **

Didn't have enough??

Here are some quickpages and wordart offered by the talented Sandy (aka WwSandy)

Grab them here and use this code to get them:
NDISB-BT-WVSQP-a68kg for the quickpages
NDISB-BT-WVSWA-y67pu for the Wordart

Want some more?
Can't get enough?

Here is your next stop:
Karen, aka Fortlady, is hosting the next pieces on her blog: Notes from Grandma K

Should you ever miss one piece of this super mega kit, you can catch up with the list of participants on the NDISB Blog.

Grab everythin, enjoy, have fun and you can even show us some layouts using A Natural Earth, here, in the NDISB's gallery.

Have a nice hunt!!!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Love your contribution to this blog train!!

  2. Thanks for your contribution to the great kit.

  3. Thank you so much for all the wonderful parts of this stunning kit.

  4. Thanks for all the great contributions!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! thank you for sharing this beautiful kit.

    take care...

  6. Gorgeous!!! Thank you!

  7. Thank you very much, I love your part!

  8. Thank you for sharing both your work & your blog

  9. wowzers! I have to come back and take a better look....great stuff Sabine.

  10. merci beaucoup pour cette partie du kit. c'est super joli.

  11. thanks for sharing your addition to this gorgeous kit

  12. Merci and Thank You! :) These are beautiful!

  13. Thank you, Sabine and Sandy, for the lovely goodies!

  14. Thank you for sharing your time and talent

  15. Thank you for sharing your freebie and your blog.


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